Yukon Is The New Way To Success

G5 Systems was established and launched in June 2003 with single module (restaurant POS) and it grew to become a multi task integrated end-to-end hardware and software solution which can manage any operation in restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, entertainment centers, retail, salons & spas, laundries and valet parking.

G5 Systems has been used by thousands large corporations and small businesses all over the world including USA, Armenia, Lebanon, Iraq and UAE and it’s available in English, Arabic, French and Russian.

Whether you operate a chain of restaurants, a Store, or a medium-sized retail shop, you are in business to make money. And, one of the most critical aspects to your profit and loss is your ability to track information? you need to know which products are making you money, what items need to be re-ordered, who your customers are, and so on. This is where todays point of sale (G5 POS) systems play such a valuable role.

In the not too distant past, retailers used mechanical cash registers to record sales onto a paper tape which then had to be manually transcribed into the company's accounting ledger. Later, electronic versions of cash registers were introduced which allowed business owners to track more of the data pertaining to each transaction (for example, management was able to track all sales and refunds by each cashier). Today, cash registers have evolved into modern computer-based point of sale systems (G5), which let you track more information than previously imaginable.