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G5 Hospitality Software Provides its Customers with a comprehensive F&B Point of Sales Solutions that can manage and fit the needs of any type or size business, whether it’s a single F&B outlet or hundred outlets. Explore all modules of G5 Software from POS, Inventory, Production, Head Office, Call Center, to Dashboard etc.

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G5 Dashboard is a wide window to preview all detailed reports to business owners. Technology is way advanced, and it’s getting cheaper with web applications, why to keep purchasing the normal Point of sales touch screens when you can have it with an IPad.

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G5 Inventory Management Software makes you be able to track every ingredient in each recipe of a sales item. It calculate your food cost and average cost by the time the price is change from the vendor.
G5 POS is more than just Point of Sales G5 is a full solution with all module for the hospitality industry, that helps you make more money, and cut wastages, and Losses. G5 allow restaurants owners to have full control of their operation and keep them connected to their POS through G5 Dash Board.
I For the last 15 years, G5 POS has provided thousands of restaurants with solutions which are still working until now , reliable solutions, stable software, always upgrading to new features and follow new technology.
G5 Head office allow your Finance team to have full control on readings, and data and deposits in the bank. Real time same time data access and report pulling.